Discover the top autumn exhibitions with the Tournelles

15 September 2020
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Discover the top autumn exhibitions with the Tournelles

Summer is over, autumn is upon us, but the changing of the seasons has ushered in a host of excellent exhibitions for visitors to the French capital to enjoy. When you stay at the Hôtel des Tournelles, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Botticelli at the Jacquemart André Museum, discover two new exhibitions at the Picasso Museum and see works by great female artists of the past at the Luxembourg Museum.


Botticelli exhibition at the Jacquemart André Museum

Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence in 1445 and died there in 1510. A portrait painter of superlative skill and a creator of gorgeous religious and mythological scenes, Botticelli is one of the most famous painters of the Italian Renaissance. However, much of his life and influences remain a mystery. The exhibition at the Musée Jacquemart André honours the artist's astonishing talent but also allows a glimpse at the man himself as a creator, teacher and entrepreneur. Discover drawings, rare paintings and decorative objects illustrating the creative genius of this Early Renaissance maestro.

Initially scheduled to run from September 11th, 2020 to January 25th, 2021, the Botticelli exhibition has unfortunately been postponed to a later date due to the health crisis.


New exhibitions at the Picasso Museum

From July 21st, 2020 until January 3rd, 2021, two new exhibitions are being presented at the Musée Picasso. The first, Picasso and the Comic Strip, highlights the Malaga artist's fondness for comics, an art form emerging in American newspapers published around the same time that Picasso was creating his early works. The exhibition explores Picasso’s interest in the fledgling medium by comparing his creations with various contemporary popular sources.

The second exhibition, Picasso the Poet, explores a little-known side of the artist’s work by emphasising the importance to him of poetic writing. The handwritten manuscripts on display demonstrate the close links between Picasso’s writing and his painting and, above all, the incredible creativity of a genius who said, “One can write a painting in words just as one can paint sensations in a poem.”


Women in the spotlight at the Luxembourg Museum

This season, the Musée du Luxembourg puts women in the spotlight with its Women Painters exhibition from March 3rd, 2020 to July 4th, 2021. The exhibition deals with the 1780 to 1830 period when female artists achieved a level of recognition unprecedented in France. Through nearly eighty works, it highlights a historical moment when the field of art, profoundly transformed by the French Revolution, was becoming accessible to women. The works of lesser-known creators are featured alongside those of more familiar names such as Marguerite Gérard, Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Constance Mayer and Marie-Guillemine Benoist. In addition to the works presented, the exhibition sheds light on the struggles that female artists of the time had to endure to achieve acceptance.



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