Hot chocolate and tea rooms; the joys of winter

10 November 2017
Category Flavors and Gastronomy
Hot chocolate and tea rooms; the joys of winter

With the arrival of winter, as the mercury sinks in Paris, the thoughts of people throughout the capital turn to the delicious subject of hot chocolate and the pleasure of enjoying rich, inventive and sometimes surprising versions of that comforting beverage in various Parisian tea rooms. The Hotel les Tournelles invites you to discover the best chocolatiers in Paris and take the opportunity to raise to your lips a cup redolent with the cocoa fragrance of your childhood....

A taste of Africa at Angelina


At Angelina, a Belle Epoque-style tea room, you can taste the African, a famous old-fashioned chocolate made from African cocoa beans, a drink so rich and thick that you can almost stand a spoon in it! Served with a bowl of whipped cream, a small financier and a glass of water to refresh the palate, this chocolate is a delight known as far away as the United States and Japan!

A well-accompanied hot chocolate at Jacques Genin


In the modern and bright tea room of Jacques Genin, often nicknamed "the genius of chocolate", you can savour a hot chocolate with succulent pastries (including homemade caramel éclairs) and a small plate of ganaches, candied fruits and confectionery such as mango and passionfruit caramels. This exquisite beverage made from Araguani chocolate from Valrhona melted in whole milk is a real treat!

Innovative creations by Jean-Paul Hévin


Jean-Paul Hévin welcomes you to his stylish chocolate and cocoa bar in the heart of the Marais to taste his latest creations. Do you have the curiosity and desire to embark upon new taste adventures? Do you dare to try hot chocolate flavoured with oysters, jelly balls or carrots?

At Lindt, master chocolatiers are at your service


Lindt, the famous Swiss chocolatier, offers an excellent hot chocolate for you to enjoy in the brand’s delightful shop in the Opera district. You’ll have a unique chocolate experience at the Chocolate Bar, a warm and friendly space. You can also enjoy a wide selection of fresh chocolates made on site by the master chocolatiers. A little gourmet paradise not to be missed!

Infiniment Chocolat by Pierre Hermé


The famous pâtissier Pierre Hermé, who has opened a pop-up Chocolate Bar at the Royal Monceau, is opening his own tea room. He offers his chocolate creations as the Infiniment Chocolat, a tasty cupful exhaling a delicious scent and accompanied by a mini-tarte and a macaron. Irresistible!

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