Markets are where you can discover the real Paris

10 September 2017
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Markets are where you can discover the real Paris

When you stay in Paris, try checking out the markets as a fun way of getting a feel for the city. You’ll find there is certainly plenty of choice as the capital boasts some 82 of them. To help you decide which to visit, here is the Tournelles guide to some of the most typically Parisian. 


General markets

At the Belleville market, located between Belleville and Ménilmontant (11th arrondissement), it’s possible to find a very wide variety of foodstuffs of all kinds and excellent quality at very affordable prices. We like the resolutely cosmopolitan atmosphere of the place; it’s a little chaotic but always cheerful. Towards the end the prices are cut and there are very good deals to be had.

Not far away is the Aligre market, located in the city’s 12th arrondissement. This one embodies the best qualities of Parisian markets, blending authenticity, sharing and a wide choice of quality food, and offering a wealth of colour and fabulous flavours. It really is characteristic of the district, with a pulsing life you can tap into both in its flea market and around the fruit and vegetable stalls.

Finally, the Barbès market, located in the 18th arrondissement, is considered to be the cheapest in Paris. The atmosphere is lively, even frenetic, and it is always crowded, but the prices cannot be beaten.


Organic produce markets

The essential place for picking up fine organic produce is undoubtedly the Batignolles market, a favourite destination for those who care about the environment. Located in the 17th arrondissement, this place has a real charm, simultaneously stimulating the senses and whetting the appetite. Here there is something for every preference and budget. At the fresh herb stand you can enjoy a delicious homemade herbal juice that has been pressed as you watch.

Next we would like to draw your attention to the Halle Sécrétan. Situated in the 19th arrondissement and completely renovated in 2013, it offers exclusively organic products sourced from local farms. 


Covered markets 

The oldest market for this category is the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the 3rd arrondissement. Dating from 1629 and named after the red apparel worn by the children of the orphanage that once stood on the spot, the place was classified as an historical monument in 1982. The produce offered is varied, but where this market really comes into its own is in the wide choice of snacks and meals from the four corners of the world. Have lunch sitting at one of the stalls and taste, for example, the excellent Lebanese or Japanese dishes.

Finally, don’t miss the Saint Quentin market. Situated in the 10th arrondissement, this is thought to be the largest covered market in Paris. The selection is huge and you can discover original products from all over the world. The hard part is choosing.

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