Parisian cabarets to enchant your evenings

10 December 2017
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Parisian cabarets to enchant your evenings

Paris is a city that is as vibrant by night as during the day! So, treat yourself to an unforgettable evening in one of the famous cabarets of the capital. The Lido, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Paradis Latin are big names that make the City of Light famous throughout the world. Watch the show while enjoying a glass of champagne or a delicious meal... Parisian cabarets are a feast for the eyes and palate!

The Lido, a cabaret of dreams


Ideally located on the Champs-Elysees close to the Arc de Triomphe, the Lido is a must-see Parisian cabaret. This venue has been famous since its creation in 1946 for the elegance and beauty of its BlueBell Girls, an abundance of feathers and sequins, and the kaleidoscope of talented performers who appear on its stage. The current revue, Paris Merveilles, unveils 20 previously unseen scenes featuring more than 70 performers, who pay a vibrant tribute to the French capital. The splendour of over 600 costumes, the magic of the sets, the performances given by a remarkably talented troupe and the great music promise an exceptional evening to make your eyes shine with wonder and delight.

The Moulin Rouge, the temple of French Cancan


A legendary venue in the heart of Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge will seduce you with its Belle Epoque décor and relaxed atmosphere. The walls covered with red velvet serve as a setting for the Doriss Girls, the cabaret’s famous dance troupe. The Moulin Rouge is a whirlwind of screams, multicoloured frills, flamboyant decorations and mesmerising stage performances. Since 1999, the Féérie revue has amazed audiences to the rhythm of two performances per night thanks to the talent of the dancers and their spectacular silhouettes adorned with feathers, crystals, sequins and costumes sewn entirely by hand.

The Crazy Horse, a wildly creative show that is totally... Crazy!


A world-famous venue situated on the Avenue Georges V, famous for its glamorous and sexy shows in which dancers perform on stage dressed only in light and shade, the Crazy Horse continues to explore, more than 60 years after its creation, the theme of femininity. With choreographies as audacious as they are captivating, the Crazy Horse revues have thrilled and charmed generations of audiences. The revue Totally Crazy goes back in time to relive the greatest moments in the 65 years of this cabaret in which the tasteful tease has become an art form.

The Paradis Latin; a festive atmosphere and good humour


In the heart of the Latin Quarter you’ll find the oldest Parisian cabaret, dating from the late 19th century. Like the Moulin Rouge, the Paradis Latin offers lively shows and revues where the French Cancan is king. Acrobats, jugglers and other performers are also featured, creating a warm ambiance with a touch of burlesque. You’ll love the Paradis Latin approach to entertainment, characterised by a clever blending of musical comedy, circus performance, dance, modern ballet and crazy style.

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