Succumb to the Poke Bowl trend in Paris!

15 May 2018
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Succumb to the Poke Bowl trend in Paris!

The Hotel Les Tournelles offers its selection of addresses where you can find the best Poke Bowl offerings in Paris. You say you’re not familiar with this colourful dish that’s so tasty, refreshing, balanced, very rich, satisfying and full of flavour? No problem; just follow the guide!


The colourful and delicious dish from Hawaii

The ‘bowls’ trend is in the lead spot when it comes to the latest culinary buzz. It seems that bowl food, which seems to convey a sense of comforting nourishment, has suddenly become ubiquitous. From big bowls to politely dimensioned salad bowls, it’s a way of serving a meal that’s as playful as it is practical and aesthetic. The Poke Bowl is a colourful dish, with exotic influences, surfing to us straight from Hawaii on a wave of healthy food and detox! This is a dish of diced raw fish, ‘Poke’ being derived from the Hawaiian verb meaning to cut or slice. The Poke brings together marinated raw fish (bluefin tuna, salmon, sea bream ...) and rice in healthy and varied recipes. The fish is accompanied by avocado, mango, ginger, seaweed and crushed cashew and macadamia nuts. This summer, the Poke Bowl trend will delight your taste buds in healthy, gourmet and sunny bowls.


Poke Bowl

Photo credit : Site Oficiel Moe Poke


Where to enjoy a delicious Poke Bowl? Our recommended addresses...

At the Hotel Les Tournelles we have been so seduced by this exotic recipe that we invite you to discover and enjoy it throughout the capital. A refreshing Hawaiian Poke awaits you at Natives, a cosy restaurant where the fresh ingredients are carefully selected. (44 Rue de Lancry, 75010)

Fresh and natural are the watchwords at Moe Poke, where the creative cuisine will delight your taste buds. Here you’ll enjoy a healthy and gourmet Poke combining raw fish, fruits, ultra-fresh vegetables and homemade sauces. (30 Rue de Miromesnil - 75008)

At Canal Poke you'll have the choice between salmon, tuna or sea bream, and for vegetarians a tofu version with avocado, mango, cucumber and pineapple, all prepared with delicious sauces. (25 Rue Bichat - 75010)

At Pokawa Paris, a Sentier address, Sam and Max brought back from their world tour some great exotic gourmet recipes, some raw fish and a ‘falafel version’ (a culinary specialty of the Middle East based around chickpea dumplings or beans mixed with various spices) for gourmet veggies. (36 Rue Poissonnière - 75002)

At Ono Poke the home-baked beef Poke with cucumber, rougail tomatoes and peanuts will help you to stock up on proteins, minerals, omega 3 and essential fatty acids (167 Rue Saint-Jacques - 75005).

You will also find some fine Parisian Poke Bowls at Ahipoke (84 Rue d'Hauteville 75010), Poké Bar (24 Rue du 4 Septembre 75002) and Tiki Bowls (12 Rue de Castellane) where exotic recipes are served in a holiday atmosphere with, as a bonus, the opportunity to buy objects found by Marie, the very friendly owner of the place.

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