The art of good wine in the Marais

1 November 2022
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The art of good wine in the Marais

Superbly situated, the Hotel les Tournelles offers the ideal starting point from which to discover all the richness of the Marais district. Just a short stroll from the superb Place des Vosges, the Carnavalet Museum and the Picasso Museum, our hotel is also well placed for you to enjoy great shopping expeditions in the neighbourhood's concept stores. What’s more, the local wine bars and wine merchants offer irresistible invitations to taste their nectars. Read on as our team presents its favourites of these, all less than a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel.


Workshops and tastings

Why not take advantage of your stay in Paris by attending a tasting workshop or taking part in an oenology evening? If you fancy doing so, there’s two addresses you should know about. The first is that of an internationally recognised specialist: Franck Thomas. Elected Meilleur Sommelier d’Europe, Meilleur Sommelier de France and chosen to be Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Franck Thomas opened his Atelier des Vins, where he offers training courses and tasting initiations. Of course, you can also taste freely on site or buy a few good bottles. The second address, a less than five-minute walk from the Hotel Les Tournelles, bears the enchanting name of Divvino. In addition to the tasting courses and oenology evenings that take place in its elegant yet welcoming setting, you will find in this cellar an impressive number of references from all over the French vineyards, from the Loire Valley to Bordeaux via the Côtes du Rhône, but also the Jura, Ardèche, Savoie, and all over the world. Remember to book!


Enjoy wine in a different way

The Hotel Les Tournelles team would also like to introduce you to two addresses that are dear to them. The first is situated in the heart of the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market in Paris. BiBoVino is entirely dedicated to wines packaged in Bag-in-Box, the famous BiB format. The approach is, however, more complex than it seems as it is also a question of offering wines produced as naturally as possible; top-of-the-range wines which embrace an exciting modernity without rejecting their heritage and tradition. Finally, when you’re ready for a gourmet break, why not enjoy the best of marriages, that of wine and cheese? At Monbleu Le Comptoir, you can combine grand crus or wines from lesser-known producers with cheeses from the various French regions. In addition to fabulous platters, this cheese cellar offers simple dishes based around cheese. Available to accompany them is an impressive selection of wines!


Discover all the pleasures of the Marais district during your stay at the Hotel Les Tournelles! Shopping, cultural visits, and romantic strolls as well as wine tasting, wine evenings and gourmet experiences. Ask us for our recommendations or consult the websites of our favourite places. Please bear in mind that it is advisable to book some events in advance.


Franck Thomas
Divvino Marais
Monbleu le Comptoir

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