The most unusual bookshops in Paris

10 October 2017
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The most unusual bookshops in Paris

Our city’s bookshops are places of serenity; appealing and inviting whether you are simply visiting Paris or actually live in the capital. We love to browse their shelves and discover all their treasures. Paris has a wealth of quite unusual bookshops, real temples to the love of words and beautiful surroundings. Here’s a short overview of the most interesting Parisian bookshops, courtesy of Les Tournelles!


Specialist bookshops

If you are passionate about fashion, architecture, photography or design, the Ofr bookshop, located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, will fill you with glee. This unusual place, made distinctive by the sheer multitude of items it offers, is the place where you need to be to find rare works. You’ll also find original gift ideas such as candles or scarves and might even be able to catch one of the mini art exhibitions, exhibition previews or other events organised throughout the year. This bookshop is also equipped with a back room where private sales are arranged.

The Librairie des Archives de la Presse, located in the Marais district, offers thousands of newspapers, magazines and other publications dating from the 19th century to today. Lovers of cinema, music, fashion and social history will be enchanted by this space dedicated to back issues, specialist magazines, and cult collectibles.


Bookstores where you can spend the night

The Paris Boutik bookshop, located in the 3rd arrondissement, offers the rather unusual opportunity to spend the night in one of its luxurious rooms of 45 m2, which can accommodate up to 4 people and has shelves filled to capacity with some 4,500 books. If you've ever dreamed of going to sleep surrounded by books, this place is definitely for you. The suite has a bathroom, a kitchen and, of course, several bookcases, not to mention a large, high quality bed. It boasts a minibar, a refrigerator, a flat screen TV and even a docking station for your iPod. This experience, although on the pricey side (it will cost you 245 euros for one night), will certainly give you something to remember, and is heaven on Earth for bibliophiles.

The Shakespeare and Company bookshop, located in the 5th arrondissement, is a Parisian institution in the field of Anglo-Saxon literature. This place has been around since 1951 and is resolutely authentic. It offers welcoming upstairs rooms to anyone wanting to read quietly as well as to writers in search of accommodation. This place exudes sharing and a love of books. Signings, readings and gatherings are organised all year round. This fine bookshop has long been a part of the literary life of the capital.


Culinary bookshops

La Cocotte bookshop, in the 11th arrondissement, offers a wide variety of books on food and cooking and organises children's workshops and cooking classes. You’ll want to enjoy tea and sweets in the dedicated lounge area. Finally, if you want to have a drink of good wine while sitting comfortably to read a book, the Belle Hortense, located in the 4th arrondissement, is a beguiling and inviting combination of bar, bookshop and exhibition space.

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