Discovering the best works of street art in Paris

9 May 2017
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Discovering the best works of street art in Paris

Paris is a city that is receptive and welcoming to all forms of art, no matter how audacious. But do you know that it is also the capital of street art? International artists and Parisians who love their city come to embellish the city’s walls with colourful and memorable works. Discover the most beautifully ornate creations in the City of Light during your stay at the Hotel Les Tournelles!


Street art in Paris: everywhere, all the time!

You come across them daily as you move around the city, when you’re catching the Metro, or at the corner of an alley: surprising and charming works of street art adorn the walls of Paris and compete for your attention. All the various districts of the capital provide improvised ‘canvases’ for life-size street art pieces, trompe-l'oeil optical illusions or huge frescoes. And if some masterpieces cannot be overlooked, others are hidden away and you have to be on the alert to find them. Street art is embraced in Paris and its appeal will enhance your strolls through the city and add to your sense of discovery.


The stars of street art take Paris

Talented street artists, both internationally recognised and lesser known, love to cover the walls of Paris with their creations. Among the most well-known are the Space Invaders series, Miss Tic's lovely women, Banksy's magnificent graffiti, Seth's ultra-colourful drawings, and JR's gargantuan works. Whether repurposing objects, reclaiming urban space, delivering shock messages or painting sublime portraits, these artists and many others give a new life to the walls of the city. Come along and discover them today, because these works of folk art are ephemeral by their very nature! Aficionados will be pleased to know that some of these artists also exhibit their works in the more formal setting of contemporary art galleries.


The Hotel Les Tournelles, your haven of peace in Paris

You love to come to Paris for a weekend or a longer stay, but above all you enjoy experiencing the capital as its inhabitants do? Then you’ll want to choose a hotel that is both elegant and inviting, warm and welcoming, where you will immediately feel at home. Conveniently located in the beautiful Marais district in the centre of Paris, the Hotel Les Tournelles offers high quality service in a charming setting. This discreet address, far from the tourist crowds, will satisfy your desire for comfort and style and offers tastefully decorated and spacious rooms amidst a haven of quiet and relaxation. You will have at your disposal a magnificent lounge-library where you can browse among the books and rest following your excursions in Paris. You can also enjoy delicious cocktails or soothing teas courtesy of our Honesty Bar. The Hotel Les Tournelles recommends that you take a journey of exploration to discover the street art adorning numerous locations throughout the city. Track them down during your strolls in Paris!


Les Tournelles, a three star hotel with historical charm, an exclusive address in the heart of the Marais

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