Prepare for your visit to Paris by getting the Paris Museum Pass

10 May 2019
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Prepare for your visit to Paris by getting the Paris Museum Pass

Paris is famous for its wide selection of cultural and historical institutions. With the Paris Museum Pass you can take full advantage of the opportunities the city offers as it allows you free admission with no queuing to more than 50 museums and monuments, as many times as you wish. The Pass can even fit in with the time you plan to spend in Paris, as there’s a choice of duration options.


Skip the queues...

The Paris Museum Pass will be your best friend during your stay in the capital, giving you fast-track admission to more than fifty museums and monuments in Paris and its region.

It lets you avoid queues, so you don’t waste valuable vacation time waiting (except in the case of an unannounced security check where fast-track entry is not guaranteed). You’ll gain swift access to the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, the Conciergerie, the Palace of Versailles and many other world-famous and essential places. The Paris Museum Pass gives the bearer the opportunity to make a hassle-free visit to a museum dealing with a subject that interests them, whether it’s any form of the arts, historical monuments, fashion, music.... even the city’s venerable sewers! However, please note that the Paris Museum Pass is not valid for access to museum tours or temporary exhibitions, only permanent exhibitions.


The pass is also very economical

The Paris Museum Pass, in addition to its practical side, is also very cost-effective, especially for long stays. It’s available in any of three options; choose from €48 for two days, €62 for four days or €74 for six days, and remember that the more visits you make, the more you save. This unlimited number of visits feature is particularly suitable for attractions such as the Louvre Museum, which is too huge to see all in one go. With the Paris Museum Pass you can return as many times as you wish within the validity period.

The Paris Museum Pass can also be combined with a transport pass. You then benefit from all the modes of transport specified in your Pass. These include the ubiquitous Metro, which allows you to travel throughout the entire capital, the multiple-stop tourist bus that ensures you miss nothing of the most famous monuments, and the sightseeing boats that cruise the Seine, enabling you to view the capital from a different perspective.


Where to get the Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is available online from the Paris Tourist Office website, shipping costs included. Or you can collect it yourself from the Paris Tourist Office (29 Rue de Rivoli - 75001) or the Gare du Nord welcome centre (18 Rue de Dunkerque, 10th arrondissement). Please don’t hesitate to contact our team about this. Book your room at the Hotel Les Tournelles today and enjoy a cultural Parisian break.


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