Spend a cool summer in the best ice cream parlours in Paris

5 July 2019
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Spend a cool summer in the best ice cream parlours in Paris

The arrival of summer and the first waves of the season’s heat provide the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a delicious and refreshing gourmet ice cream. Give in to your desires, as the Hotel Les Tournelles has selected for you the best ice cream parlours in Paris.


La Dolce Vita at Amorino

Treat yourself by taking a detour to Amorino, the famous ice cream parlour offering delicious Italian-style ice cream. At Amorino, everything is 100% natural! Made with a savoir-faire worthy of the greatest Italian gelaterias, Amorino’s creations are available in a variety of original and delightful flavours. Don’t forget to taste the delicious macarons filled with ice cream that make the most discerning palates simply melt with pleasure! Amorino has several addresses in Paris.


The offbeat flavours of Glazed

At 54 Rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement you’ll find Glazed, a distinctly original glacier that plays the offbeat note to offer more than thirty unusual flavours with evocative names. Here you can experience the tasty pleasures of vanilla ice cream with hemp seeds or cottage cheese and herbs. Or how about a mango-chili combination, or chocolate with wasabi and ginger?


La Glacerie Paris; authentic flavours

A few steps from BHV, La Glacerie Paris is the shop of David Wesmaël, winner of the Best Craftsman in France award. Here you’ll find around twenty authentic flavours to enjoy on the spot or take away. These ice creams are served in ingenious cylinders that can be sliced and stacked to make any combination of flavours.


II Gelato Del Marchese; where ice cream is made with Italian passion

Located on the Rue des Quatre Vents in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, this artisanal gelateria appeals initially with the refined and luxurious details of its Italian décor. Then, the evocative names of its à la carte specialties grab your attention. Served in homemade cones, all these ice creams sing Italy from Cacio e pepe, Zabaione crema, and Broccante Fiorentino to the irresistible chocolate-mandarin and pistachio sorbet of Bronte in Sicily.


Berthillon; a Parisian glacier since 1954

An artisan glacier since 1954, Berthillon welcomes you in the heart of the Ile Saint-Louis. A real Parisian institution, Berthillon is a family business with 60 years of experience and an amazing reputation. Ice cream gourmets flock here, as do tourists eager to discover irresistible creations made from natural ingredients.


Le Bac à Glaces; a cold but welcoming world of flavours

At Le Bac à Glaces you can dive into Sylvain Yoël's frozen but passionate world where flavours mingle, brought together in happy marriages according to your preferences. Enjoy old-fashioned traditional ice creams, fine or exotic sorbets with real fruit pieces, unusual flavours with pine nuts or liquorice, sherbets with brandy and diet sorbets for gourmands who want to keep an eye on their weight. An unforgettable journey to a land of chilly delights!


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