Tourism, shopping and entertainment in Bercy Village

5 August 2020
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Tourism, shopping and entertainment in Bercy Village

Located in the historic Marais district, the Hotel Les Tournelles awaits you in an elegant and warmly welcoming setting. During your stay in our 16th century building, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the many attractions of the City of Light. We recommend taking a look around Bercy Village. Imagine an open-air leisure mall, housed in what was, at the end of the 19th century, the world's largest wine market. It offers an opportunity for you to do some shopping and relax while discovering a unique architectural heritage.


Discover Bercy Village, a former wine market with an unusual vibe

Arranged around its main artery, the Cour St-Emilion, Bercy Village is a pedestrianised area where you’ll find more than forty shops, each occupying a former wine storehouse. In fact, in the 19th century, the largest wine market in the world stood on the current location of Bercy Village, supplying all of France and even abroad.

If you look closely at the paved street, you can still see the old rails that were once used to move heavy wine barrels around. The architecture of the old stone buildings, now enhanced by the sympathetic use of steel, wood and glass, constitute the visible heritage of the area’s glory years. The storehouses of Bercy Village are listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments.


Shopping, gastronomy and wellness sessions await you

Bercy Village offers a wide range of activities. You’ll find stores selling sports, beauty products and clothing, many by major brands, as well as emerging, innovative and still little-known labels. If you want items with a traditional and authentic cache, there are shops offering the best of French craftsmanship, including leather goods, watches, tableware, etc. It’s the ideal place to get a memento of Paris or find gifts for your loved ones.

If all that browsing and buying makes you hungry, you can take a seat in the dining area or on the terrace of one of the restaurants around the Cour St-Emilion. You can opt for Italian cuisine with VaPiano, go for a more gourmet approach with Paradis du Fruit, or grab some fast food from Five Guys or Fresh Burritos. If you’re in the mood for a wellness session, the village boasts a gym, the CMG Sports club, with a hammam and a sauna.


Culture and entertainment in Bercy Village

Bercy Village has some excellent entertainment and culture facilities. You can catch a movie at the UGC Ciné City Bercy, a large multiplex with 18 cinemas and 4,392 seats that provides a wide choice of films.

A few steps from the Cour St-Emilion is the fascinating and utterly charming Museum of Fairground Arts. Ideal for group or family outings, it’s a place of spectacle, joy and wonder. Interactive rides, games and artifacts from the golden age of funfairs of the 19th and early 20th centuries await you. Take a ride on a magnificent vintage carrousel and lose yourself in a world of marvels.



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Photo : © Flickr - Jean-Louis Zimmermann


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